Services We Provide


We help intellectual properties and brands’ owners to increase their revenue through licensing their rights to a third party. Licensing is a great marketing and brand extension tool that can maximize brands’ monetization strategies and generate new revenue streams from royalty payments.

Brands Representative

We represent different brands and help them to move into new business sectors without the need for them to invest in manufacturing facilities.


We help brands, celebrities, and intellectual properties’ owners to evolve their brands and expand their businesses into new business sectors and to maximize the value of their intellectual properties.

Retail Development

We develop strategic plans for our clients to develop and maximized their retail space. We develop demographic reports for the area where you are considering setting up your retail business in order to determine the highest level of success for our clients in physical and virtual retail planning.

Media Campaigns

We help our clients to communicate the desired message through establishing the brands’ niche, raising brand awareness and grow brands’ revenue.

Creative Services

We help our clients to build creative brands through providing with a full spectrum of creative industries including brands identity, style guides, packaging concepts and

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